When not to learn anything

I love learning, it’s probably the most basic desire underpinning so much of what I do. I take pride in it too, missing an opportunity to ponder and construct meaning seems almost like a dereliction of duty. It turns out that mindset

In fact, I love it so much, it’s super difficult for me to turn it off.

Ironically, the hardest thing for me to learn is when to “stop learning” and accept noise for the noise that it is, instead of trying to tease some small bit of signal out of it.

I first entertained the notion that I might not need to learn anything this Summer during YC when on our partners, Dalton, was chatting with us about a failed attempt at a product. I was so eager to pick apart every choice I had made, believing that if I unlocked each and every mistake, I could simply fix them all then success would be guarnateed! Even writing this now, I can see how silly that sounds but un-examined, I seemed pretty happy to let that assumption bounce around in my head.

Programming is a pretty obvious example where every iteration is an opportunity to do more with less, simply and refine designs into something elegant. But it extends much beyond learning