Hello! I’m Brian Anglin. I’ve wanted to recount a few of the highlights (and low lights) of this crazy adventure we’re all living here on planet Earth. Finally took the time to start writing a bit!

I would describe myself as someone that can be extremely motivated if I’m interested in something but can get bored easily. Think of border collie chasing after a frisbee, except it has a few favorite frisbees. In the moment, that dog is unstoppable–sometimes to a fault. For me my “frisbees” would include all things outdoors, music, cooking, photography, and technology. I love these things because they provide a lens through which I can explore the world and relate to people. And I know “outdoors”, “music”, etc sounds like the most generic “follow me on Instagram” thing to say but it’s genuine–and will hopefully prove interesting. Here’s where else to find me on the internet (if you’re a stalker like that)

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